Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holly Update

This is what my sweet girl looks like after a bath. Adorbs.

Hey all! Today was definitely a better day than yesterday. Holly has mostly slept but she seems to be feeling much better. I know she was so happy that her Momma came up to see her. That alone but some pep in her step.
Holly hasn't eaten much lately and I've been working really hard on changing that. When she went to the vet she went from 7.5 from the last visit to 7.2 pounds. That's a lot for someone that size!! I would love to fatten Holly up to about 7.7. I don't think her little tummy can handle big meals anymore and she has now gotten to where she will absolutely not eat 1 bite of dog food. Mom and I have devised a plan to try to get Holly to eat 5 small meals a day. Whatever she will eat is basically fine with us. I'm trying to make it as healthy as possible but at this point I'd rather it be something than nothing. I've seen dogs get old and turn into skin and bones and I refuse to let Holly get that way. If my soul mission in life is to find something that Holly will eat than so be it. Dr. Brown tried to feed her something yesterday. Holly sniffed it for a while then turned her face away to it. That's what she does about 80% of the time now. However, Dr. Brown said it was good that Holly was sniffing it. It means she's interested in eating, we just have to find what smells good to her. This week she'll eat chicken salad and poppy seed chicken casserole. Oh and Beggin Strips--Beggin Strips always work. But I'd rather not feed her those. Baby food works off and on but only if I hold her like a baby and spoon feed it to her. That's a true story--I'm not even kidding.
Soon she'll get tired of this week's meal plan and I'll have to discover something else. For a while it was an Arby's roast beef and then it was a McDonalds burger no cheese (I was a little surprised she prefered no cheese). I literally drove there every day to order Holly a meal!! Oh the things I'll do for that girl. I researched online and discovered a dog Holly's size should have about 110 calories a day. Now I get to count my calories and Hollys!

So that's what life is like for me these days. I don't mind it and I'm grateful that I don't have to work and can devote my life to Holly. My life literally centers around her and that's just fine with me. I'm happy to take care of my sweet baby, make her life easy, enjoyable, and happy and treat her like the princess that she is! I love my sweet girl. But you probably know that by now right?

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