Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Thursday

Today Scott and I went out to our house to discuss some upgrades we're wanting to make to it. My number one priority is a shoe shelf in our closet! There's an empty wall that it will fit perfectly on so we had a guy come out to custom design one. I'm doing a few tall shelves for boots, medium height for heels, and small for flats/Scott's shoes. It's going to house 66 pairs of shoes and I am officially a happy lady. I'm pretty sure Scott and I don't own 66 pairs of shoes but that's beside the point.
Scott and I have 3 showers to attend on Saturday. One engagement, one bridal, one baby. It's going to be an eventful Saturday.
Dr. Brown called today to check in on Holly and me. Ha! She loves my few small meals a day idea and thinks it's a really smart thing to do. I think it's so nice she calls to check in. I know I say that all the time but I really appreciate it about her. Something else I did today was get two new pairs of running shoes. I go through them too fast so I went ahead and just got two. It's kinda cool getting a shoe to fit my exact running style but also kinda annoying. The shoes they give me to choose from are never what I would pick based off looks. I guess it doesn't matter. Whatever makes me a better runner is the important thing and it makes a world of difference when you have the right shoe. I didn't run today so I'm excited to try them out in the morning.
And that, my friends, is all for today.

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