Monday, April 2, 2012


My weekend was a little busy. Friday night we helped Scott's Mom get ready for a garage sale. We got to her house around 6 and were there until around 11. We dropped off a few things for her to sell for us. I'm happy to report we made $90! I felt like that was good especially since we didn't have much to sell and I was really wanting to get rid of it. I'd planned on having a garage sell myself but Jodie saved me from all of the trouble!
Saturday we had all of the parties. We ended up not being able to make it to the baby shower because our Saturday afternoon was a little crazy. We still ended up making it to Trey and Elyse's shower.
And Stina and Jonathans!Since we had such a crazy weekend I asked Scott if he wouldn't mind us skipping out on church. We just never got a chance to relax and normally I would never do that but I felt like we both needed it. So we slept in/got some stuff done around the house/relaxed and it was pretty nice. Since the weather was so lovely we spent the majority of the day outside. After Holly did her sniffing (not in the grass, she won't get in the grass??) we set a blanket on the table and plopped her on top of it. She LOVED it. The wind blew in her hair, she smelled the fresh air, and totally chilled just like this for a good 2 hours. I loved how content she was. It made me happy.
She makes me laugh though because she'll just stare off into nothing and I always wonder what she's seeing. I tried to find it. I wasn't successful.

It ended up being a good weekend. I gardened, slept in, saw a lot of friends, ate good food, and hung with my favs. All of them.

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