Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Allow Me To Confess

1.) I planted so many flowers last year and not only have they decided to come back but they've multiplied!! I'm so proud of myself for making that happen and will totally be digging some of them up and bringing them with me to my new house.
2.) I put a heating pad under Holly's bed last night. I finally made her get out of her bed at 2:00 this afternoon. How was she not thirsty and bursting to go potty? If Holly could marry a heating pad she would.
3.) I went to my house the other day and my shoe shelves are already built. They are way amazing! I feel like Kim Kardashian.
4.) I just finished watching Dance Mom's. I've always said Chloe had the greatest potential. She got accepted to the Joeffrey School of Ballet this episode and Maddie didn't. Maddie's the better dancer now, Chloe will surpass her. I've said it from the beginning. Remember it.
5.) I bought some wine today. When I got carded the lady said "wow you look good for being born in 85." Huh? I was born in 85 my age isn't 85. I'm basically still a baby. What do you mean by that? I guess I'm just so confused.
6.) When I got done with my errands around 5:15 Scott was already home. (That never happens, it's always such a shock!) He helped me bring the wine in and sat it on the kitchen counter. Apparently he does a horrible job at that. 10 minutes later--BAM!!! All of the wine fell off the cabinet and catapulted to the floor. It was really sad. Five bottles-- and burned.
7.) I have decided to give Holly only Smartwater to drink now--because of the Electrolytes. It's okay if you think I have officially gone over the top. I agree with you.

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