Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New House Stuff

I forgot to mention that Holly got to visit her new home for the first time this weekend!! She really likes the yard. It's actually quite large. I didn't realize it until they marked it for the fence. For some reason we have one of the biggest lots in the neighborhood and Holly really appreciates that! Scott and I cruised through the neighborhood today and caught them building our fence. Exciting stuff!! We finalized our appliance shopping today and finally picked out our fridge and range. That was fun. Everything feels like it's really coming together. Less than 3 weeks!
We're also going to get a new washer and dryer but I haven't decided what I want yet. I'm leaning towards the Electrolux simply because I think they're cool and Kelly Ripa uses them. It's amazing what a celebrity endorsement can do. And just so you know, I think I'm just as excited about the extra little drawer storage underneath the new washer/dryer as I am the new washer/dryer. What woman doesn't love storage? Scott and I are going to spend our Easter with my family in Little Rock this year. We also want to shop for furniture while we're there. We did a little furniture shopping over the weekend and we finally found a coffee table!! We've possibly found a dresser for our bedroom too but we want to check out what Little Rock has first before we make any decisions. I'm just so ready to be done with the stuff we have to have right when we move in. There's other pieces we need but I'm in no hurry to find them. Actually completing the house will be a slow process and I'm excited about that. It will make it fun.
Holly couldn't decided where she wanted to be tonight. Bed or Sofa? BED? OR SOFA?? I made the decision easy for her. Bed ON Sofa. My Mom made an observation about Holly and her bed last week and she was dead on. She said Holly's bed is like her blankie. It's a comfort thing for her. Like a little kid with their blanket. She is SO right. Holly will get in her bed and just hang for an hour. I'm always like, hello? what are you doing just chilling in there???? I told Scott tonight that I'm going to get Holly a new bed for the new house to leave on the sofa. Since it's a sectional the bed won't take up any room at all and Holly will always have her "blankie" around us in the evening. Spoiled. Spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled....

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