Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've been very busy with house stuff this week. We move in on Friday and I'm so excited. All day long yesterday I ran around town setting up water, gas, electric, change address, etc. The gas was easy because I was able to do it over the phone but all of the other company's made me fill out a form and show an ID. Needless to say, it took up an entire day.
Today I had a guy come out and do a little landscaping for me. Our air conditioner is so visible. It's right by the driveway which is obviously near the front of the house. It would be an eyesore to look at every day. Why couldn't they put it in the backyard somewhere? Obviously, it needed to be fixed. So we did some landscaping to help cover the air conditioner. I went with some simple shrubs but then added 2 crepe myrtle trees. One light pink and one white. I had them plant the trees right next to one another so it'll look hybrid. My Mom did that at her house and it's gorgeous. It already looks better even though the shrubs don't cover the air conditioner yet. Wanna see? I also bought a mattress for our new king sized bed today! I'm beyond excited about the new bed. I know I will sleep so much better. Scott will too. I think it's the stress from work but he's been suffering from insomnia lately also. He wakes up every night around 4 and flips on the TV. Normally that would irritate me that he would wake me up by turning on the television but I completely understand. You've gotta do what you've gotta do. He gets my insomnia now and complains every day about how miserable it is.
I felt a little silly today because I brought our new sheets into Cloud 9 to help me pick out my future mattress. Having my sheet tuck in really snug is just as important to me as a comfortable mattress. My bed must be tucked in really tight or I'll loose sleep from the crazy sheet that's all over the place. There was one bed that was really comfy but was too thick for the sheet to tuck in so it was automatically nixed. I chose a Sealy and I hope we love it. If not, I'll get a feather bed thing to put under the mattress pad. I had one on my bed in the Kappa house and it was the most comfortable bed I've ever had, ever. That bed was so stinking comfy and you know the mattresses at the Kappa house probably cost $30 so the feather bed is obviously fab.

Writing a blog that makes life seem as if it's completely normal feels odd. Life has to go on but it doesn't mean my heart doesn't ache. I'm having a very hard time. Just writing these last few sentences brings tears to my eyes. Missing my sweet girl so very much and heart broken my snuggle bug is gone. My heart always feels this way. Don't ever think it doesn't even if I act like all is well. All isn't well....

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