Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3

Hello! I can't believe it's Wednesday. This week has flown by. Last night the girls did great again. They didn't cry! After the first 2 hours they had been here I got the sense they knew they were home. Of course it helps that they have each other.

Both of them are perfectly content. We have a routine in the morning. Scott's alarm goes off and I pop up instantly to check on them. They're always laying in the bed together but always awake. I bring them to our bed where they play for about 20 minutes then fall back asleep until about 10:30. I think they sleep more than Holly did in her last few months. When I lived on PetMD, for Hol, I'd read where puppies sleep as much as seniors. So I'm not worried. I'm sure that seems so obvious but I'm not smart when it comes to puppies. Come to me with a question about adult dogs and I'll always have the answer. Puppies--zero knowledge! Well not zero. I think I'm a good 4 legged Momma. It's the whole mothers intuition thing I guess. Plus the fact that my 15 1/2 year old taught me A LOT! Miss her...

I gave the girls their first treat today. It was from Holly's old treat jar (couldn't bring myself to throw the treats out) so who knows if it was fresh or not. Regardless, they found it incredibly yummy. I gave them both one of those mini milk bones. Holly always liked those.

I took the girls out today for the first time since I've had them. They, like Hol, are super girly. After 5 minutes they were bored. This photo is of Madison.

Ivy discovered her reflection in my mirrored nightstands today. She stood there for the longest time. I could tell she knew it was her. She's my smartie.

Ivy again. She poses better than Madison.
Madison is infatuated with the television. The first day I had them I flipped on the TV and she was instantly intrigued! Today I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just to see what she would do and she sat on the sofa and watched an entire episode. How funny is that!

Mom came up today to meet them and she's so in love! And they love her too! They're like "she so much like my Momma but she just looks different."
That's another thing. I can't decide if I want to be Momma or Kara. I love that Holly knew my name. I guess I should technically be Momma to them though. Who knows! I'll probably go with Momma even though it feels weird to be Momma!!

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