Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Night

Our first night with the girls went really great. They never cried! It made me so happy. I got them out of my laundry room around 7 this morning and put them in bed with me. They crashed there until about 10. The impression I got from them was that they had never been more comfortable in their entire young lives!
We visited Scott's co-workers today. They insisted we come see them! After that I dropped the girls at home and ran some errands. I figured they needed to nap anyway and that's easier to do when I'm not around.
This evening Jaclyn & Brad came over to see Ivy & Madison. I want the girls to be very comfortable around them. They may have to babysit one day!
Everything today was about the same as yesterday. Ivy is still my observer and follower and Madison is my little snuggle puppy. They are so precious but I've had a very hard Holly day. A day worthy of taking some medicine. I don't know why. I guess it's true what people say--Some days are fine, others are great and some are horrible. I just had to get out of the house. Then about 4 hours later I started feeling bad for my puppies and felt like it was time for their momma to come home. So I did. And how happy they always are to see me will never not make me smile.
I'm SO ready for my Mom to get here. She's staying for the week. I'm so homesick for her right now. It's just the situation. If there's anyone who could totally 100% get my heart right now, it's my Mom. She's beyond excited to meet Ivy and Madison and I'm SO ready for her to meet them too!! She's had a tough Holly day today as well.....Anyway, Im ready for her to get here.
Time to put the girls to bed. They sleep A LOT. Almost as much as Holly did in her older age. They're asleep on the sofa now but I need to get them all settled in their room (aka-laundry room). They snuggle up in their bed together and snooze--It's so sweet!! Night folks.

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