Monday, May 21, 2012


A stork visited me today. He brought me twin girls. Say hello to Ivy and Madison!

I'm sure this comes as a shock. Since I lost Holly everyone has recommended I get another almost immediately. Dr Bob, Gail (Holly's groomer) and others who loved their baby as much as I do mine have said getting puppies helps the healing more than anything else can. I debated for a long time. I sobbed and sobbed. I felt like I would be betraying Holly to get another--ever. So much of me wanted to have Holly and only Holly for the rest of my life. But I love dogs so much I just couldn't imagine not ever having another again. I honestly thought I would be the type who was like 'I'm never doing this again.' But (obviously) I very quickly got why people have to get another almost immediately.
Scott and I have always said we would do the same breed as Holly so we started searching and he found these two just a little over a week ago. The fact that they were ready to come home so soon scared me a little. It just seemed so quick. But I loved these faces and colors more than any others I had seen. I made a phone call to Iowa to ask if they were still available and they both were. I went back and forth for days but ended up making the call that I wanted them. We picked them up at the airport this morning at 11:10. I was a nervous wreck about flying them. When we got them they were both in the back of the crate like "I'm very confused." Ivy (right) was shaking and I was just ready to get them home. When we got here Madison was like "okay, I'm good with this" and Ivy was still like "I'm not real sure." An hour later both girls quickly adapted, realized I'm their new Momma and settled completely in.
Exactly a week ago, when I purchased the girls, I booked a doctor appointment for them. I called Dr. Bob and we talked for a long time. I told him what I was doing and wanted him to recommend a vet clinic for me up here. Unfortunately I just have bad memories with Holly's old doctor. I really like her but I truly believe if Holly had been constantly under Dr Bob's care she'd still be here. I know she was 15 1/2 but still. There's just some hurt there with that clinic. He researched and recommended Faithful Friends--which I've always heard good things about--Dr. Moore in particular.
So today at 3 we went to see Dr. Moore! I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and thankfully everything was perfect. Then Dr. Moore wanted to know about Holly. I told her all about my precious perfect baby and just broke down and sobbed. And she started crying with me!
Then Dr. Moore told me that she's seen people like me a lot throughout her years as a vet. People, like me, who love their dogs to the moon and above--more than the average person. And that when they loose them they are beyond devastated. Then they come in about 2 months later with two of the same breed and always the same sex. HA! It made me laugh. She was so sweet and let me sob to her about Holly and not make me feel guilty like "you have two new precious can you even think of being any emotion but excited right now?" She made me feel like it was 100% okay to be sobbing over Holly...while I was there with 2 new puppies. I appreciated that. I still miss Holly and I want her back. I loved that she got that. I loved that she shed tears with me.
She wanted to know about Holly mostly because she wanted to know what type of Momma I am and how I raise dogs. I told her Holly taught me some things that I won't be carrying on (sleeping in the bed with me) and that she set the bar way way way way way way way way way way too high for these little ones. I feel bad for them. They have a lot to live up to....unfortunately for them!!
I know I'll fall madly in love with these cuties....I already can't stand the cuteness! They're precious. Even though as we speak both of them are pulling on my sock--so not Holly, even at their age. Whatever. My Dad has already told me I can't compare--trying not to!!

My assessment so far:
Ivy is Holly 2.0. She was scared at first but after an hour gained some trust and follows me everywhere I go. She quickly learned I'm her Momma. She's the alpha of the girls. They were playing tug-a-war earlier and Ivy won (she always wins) and she went and hid the toy so Madison wouldn't find it. Such a Holly move. She thinks she's the princess, the only important person in the room but very timid, not very trusting and a little dominate. Hello Holly! I already like you the most. If things continue down this path, I will very easily predict the type of dog Ivy will be.
Madison was happy from the first second. She walked in the house and was like 'okay this is where I live now.' She is happy and totally chill. She doesn't follow my every step like Ivy does but any time I sit down on the floor she runs and hops in my lap. Actually she's in my lap right now. She's really sweet. Sweeter than Ivy probably. I think she will be my girl who never meets a stranger and "strangers" will probably fall in love with her the most.
Of course all of this could change. Who knows what they'll be like a year from now. It will be interesting to see how their personalities develop.

If I had to predict I'd say Ivy will be the smarter one. Ivy reminds me so much of Holly. I'm anxious to see if she stays that way. Having two is interesting! They've pottied all over my house today. Luckily it's literally like, quarter size. Ivy is 2.1 pounds and Madison is 2.2 pounds!! I'm not going to really bother with potty training for the next few days. I just want them to get adjusted. The entire bottom floor of my house is hardwood (except for my bedroom, which they aren't allowed in) so cleaning up really isn't a big deal. I'm going to do puppy pads just like I did with Hol. I debated but decided I like it best for me. It allows me a lot of freedom. It's annoying having the pad in your house but the pro's out way the cons for me and Scott agrees.

New puppies is so exciting! I'd lie if I didn't say today was extremely bittersweet. These puppies are so precious. I haven't been around puppies in SO long and I treasure this time since I know it doesn't last long. However, it makes me miss Holly so, so much. I look at her pictures in my house and have to turn away. It's so crazy to me that I'm here at this point in my life. If I could set my own rules Holly would be around forever. But I know that these precious little girls will bring me so much joy and I'm looking forward to my future with them. Life for the next few months will be very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what this blog will entail just as much as (I hope) you are!

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  1. Very cute! My story is similar to yours! How old were they when you got them?