Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life With Puppies

Today I treated myself to a little mani/pedi. I'm somewhat addicted especially in the summertime. I like to go once a week but sometimes I feel like being cheap and go every other or just do it myself. It always looks so much better when they do it though. However, I have noticed when I do it myself the polish doesn't chip nearly as fast. I've seen them put some stuff in the polish to try and make it last longer so I've decided that's why my own mani/pedi stays put better. So today I decided to take my own polish and see if it makes a difference. I bought some new colors at the Beauty Supply and headed to the salon to relax and indulge. I had them do my fingers first because they always do it after the pedi and I always leave messing it up 2 minutes later. Why do they do the pedi first? Makes no sense to me.
I left today with perfect, non messed up nails and I'm beyond obsessed with the color I chose for my toes.
Normally I would never show a picture of my feet because I could win an award for how ugly they are but the polish is so pretty so I decided to humble myself a little bit and share! It's called Mod About You by OPI. Do you love it as much as I do?
I also went to the eye doctor today. Every summer I have a problem with my eyes. Any time I go to the lake or the beach or lay out by the pool my eyes start stinging and pour out gobs of water. It happened yesterday and I don't want to deal with that all summer so I called today and they squeezed me in. I love my eye doctor. He's the brother-in-law of one of my Sigma Chi buddies. He, just like last summer, said there's nothing wrong with my eyes. He has no clue what it could be but said he'd call around and ask some other doctors if they have an idea. He gave me some drops to put in before I get in the sun to see if that helps. We'll see. I want to get it figured out because it's miserable!!!!

I've had the girls a week now and they're doing good. I've officially taught them how to sit and they always do it. I sometimes have to say it more than once but they've pretty much learned what that word means. This week we're going to work on stay. I started it today and they picked it up pretty fast. Obviously we're not 100% with it yet but I'm trying to be diligent and make sure they're well trained and know a lot of words.
This one is a mess. I had her pegged 10 minutes in and called her my crazy girl. She's not hyper--neither of them are--but she....I don't know. She instigates fights with Ivy and Ivy doesn't like it. Or maybe it's not fights. Maybe it's just playing. I've never had two before so I don't know. They bite at each other and growl and bark and it raises my blood pressure. I prefer them to fight over toys. Anytime they start nipping at each other I grab a toy and encourage them to play with that instead. It's just not sweet and not very lady like. I think if Madison was on her own she'd be sweet and just happily play with her toys. I've been tempted today to ship her off to Gamma's house. Don't get me wrong, she's precious--just look at that face--and so cuddly and calm when Ivy is sleeping but put her in a room with Ivy and oh my goodness. She's also a barker. She loves to bark. That stresses me out too. I'm not used to barking dogs. How can I get her to not bark? Mom says she's just more playful. I guess that's probably correct but I prefer the ones that act 87.
Ivy is precious. She's so sweet and acts 87. Ha! She's always so happy to see me and wants me to hold her for at least 10 minutes when I come home. Ivy, like Holly, LOVES treats. She's better at training and I think it's just because she loves treats more than Madison. Ivy is my little crier. When I put her in their room or shut them out of mine she stands there and cries. Sometimes she loses me in the house and will cry. She so sensitive! She's so much like Holly it's crazy. She just wants to be there and lay in your lap and give you kisses and eat lots of treats. Ivy is my chewer though. 3 of my coffee table books are destroyed and it's all thanks to her. Holly never chewed anything ever. Chewing is annoying.
Both girls do well with potty training when they're shut off in the laundry room. They always go on the puppy pad when they're contained in there. But get them out and they pee everywhere. I feel a little postpartum with the accidents all over the house. I'm so sick of it and think I may go crazy one of these days. When I think they may need to go I put them in the laundry room and stand there for 10 minutes and they just look at me. Or I take them outside and they just play in the grass and get all stinky. I'm trying to be really patient but it's hard. Dr Bob warned me that life would be chaotic for a few months. Yes. Yes. Yes.
They're precious and I adore them but it's definitely an adjustment. Especially when you're used to your perfect puppy that you had for 15 years who never did any of the bad things these girls do. I don't want to talk bad about them all the time because they really are so sweet and everyone always compliments how calm and well behaved they are especially for puppies. But these are my feelings and I'm sharing them. I'm sure I'll look back on this post in 5 years and laugh. But for now, I'm not laughing. I'm sighing and say "no no" more times a day than I have ever in my life!!!
Anyone with two care to give advice or perspective? Shoot me an email!!

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