Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beds, Cappuccinos & Training

Well folks, it finally happened. After 13 weeks my bed finally arrived!

Of course I don't have bedding for it yet but this is the little item that's caused me stress and lots of trouble. She sure is pretty though! I'm ready to get it all fixed up with a cozy spread and lots of pillows!!! I also think I'm going to see if I can get new feet for it. I ordered it just by seeing a picture of the headboard and I didn't realize how low it would be. It needs to be raised a good 6 inches so hopefully we can get that figured out.

Something else I got yesterday was a little mini Keurig! I love it!! I found some French Vanilla Cappuccino K-Cups and it tastes exactly like the yummy gas station cappuccinos that I love so much. I love being able to pop out of bed in the morning and drink a cappuccino while I watch my morning shows! Morning's will forever be so much better now.

I had a trainer come to my house today to work with Ivy and Madison. I feel like I'm a pretty good trainer myself but I thought I'd get a professional's advice. The first few minutes he was here was hilarious. He put a leash on Madison and she was utterly confused. She laid on her belly with all four feet spread out and he just dragged her round and round. I held Ivy while he was trying to work with Madison and Ivy cried and cried like "stop hurting my sister!!!" It was so funny.
Madison and the leash was a major bust so he gave up after 5 minutes and tried Ivy. She did pretty good actually! After that he showed me what I should do when I catch them doing something I don't want them doing and gave me a lot of helpful advice. He's going to come back on Monday. I think after Monday's lesson we will probably have enough training. Since they're so small and young the training is really more helpful for me than them. I just want the girls to be polite and well mannered and I know I need to start now.
The girls are terrified of him though! He clearly has a very strong nature about him. The last 5 minutes he was here Madison hid from him in the kitchen and when I came back home after running some errands Ivy peeked around the stairs to make sure the scary man wasn't there!! I have no idea why they're so scared of him. He didn't do anything mean. Something's not right though because ever since he left the girls have just slept and they normally play all day. I called him to ask him why they would be acting like this but he didn't answer and hasn't called me back yet. Poor girls! They are traumatized!!!!

I really liked the trainer. He came highly recommended and has even been featured in Dog World Magazine. He's been doing this for nearly 30 years and claims he can do more in 1 hour than most people can do in 5 weeks. I guess so! He turned my playful girls into tranquil puppies with the snap of his fingers! Haha! I hope they're okay. I'm seriously a little concerned.....

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