Monday, June 11, 2012

Wine Dining

Hello All! I'm home in NWA. I know I'd mentioned that I was going to stay in Little Rock for 10 days but I decided to come home. The girls did great at Pop's and Gamma's house and about 95% of the time went potty on the paper. But I became that Mom who was worried about our routine getting messed up so I came back home. How redic is that? I guess we know what kind of (human) Mother I'm going to be. The annoying, why don't you take a chill pill, kind. just work so hard to train them to be a certain way. You don't want to loose it! I'm going to go back on Friday so I can see my little buddy.
The girls did great at Pops and Gamma's house. They seem to be the type of dogs who will adjust well to any environment. We put them in their kennel on the drive to LR and they didn't make a peep. Same story on the way back. Mom had lots of toys and new cozy beds for them and they were just as happy as could be. Madison did poo in the living room and my Dad stepped in it in a major way. It was hilarious. It will be a long time before I forget that story.
We went to the Presquile dinner on Friday night and it was fantastic. I'm so disappointed in myself because I didn't take 1 picture. And we were all dressed up so nice too. The food was fab and the wine was flowing. We had an amazing time.
On Saturday we went to the lake. I didn't take pictures of that either!! It was an odd lake day because Landon was the only one who got in the water. It's still too cold so we only stayed at DeGray for about 4 hours. Landon rode on the tube for about 3 1/2 of those hours. He loves the lake!!
I've spent my Monday doing nothing too exciting. House stuff--like usual. I'm beginning to feel like it will take 1 year for my house to get complete. I just can't find anything I'm in love with!
The girls love playing with toys. Especially Madison. Squeak a toy from 1 mile away and eventually you'll see her running towards it. She's the definition of a playful puppy. Gamma got them this toy and they LOVE it. It's a butterfly and it has a paper-like sound in the wings. I wish I had found this toy for Holly because she loved the rattling sound of paper. Grandma Jodie got them this flamingo and left it on the back porch for us this weekend and the girls love it too! Toys and treats are the key to their hearts.Update:
Madison is about the same. Her ears are always back. Ha! She loves toys. More than any dog I've seen. She's great at Sit, Stay, and Up. She can stand on her back feet longer than Ivy can. Madison barks to get your attention. I've read books where giving your dog only dry food doesn't give them adequate nutrition and you should give them apples, cucumbers, and bananas as well. So I've been giving the girls bananas and they love them. Today I was getting a banana ready for the girls to eat for breakfast and I guess Madison thought I was taking too long to prepare it. While she was sitting so perfectly she barked at me 3 times like "hurry up!!!!!!" It made me laugh so hard but also made me think "OMG, I've got my work cut out with this one."I would say Ivy is 100% potty trained now! She's so tiny. Her bones feel smaller than Madison's. Even though they're twins, Ivy will be a little smaller. She's always the first one pushing her head through the door when I let them out of the laundry room. She just can't wait to see me!! Ivy is really good about letting me brush her. I'm trying to teach the girls that brushing is a daily ritual they will have to get used to. Ivy loves treats. Loves.
The girls are really good about getting locked into the laundry room. They never cry when I make them go in there. That's one of the things they do that makes me happy.
Madison and Ivy are nowhere near as calm as Holly and I'm not going to try and tell myself their behavior is a puppy thing. They aren't hyper but I won't accept anything but extremely calm. If they do something I don't like I'm nipping it in the butt. I'm sure they think I'm so mean right now. It's hard constantly saying NO to them! Even when it's something that's probably not a big deal and they will most likely grow out of. But I can't bet on that. I'm used to a perfect puppy and I will do all I can to get another one....or two.
I do really like these two though. They make me smile. I still haven't told them I love them yet. Is that mean? Does that make me a bad Momma? I don't just throw that word around. My heart belongs to a certain doodlebug--who I lost 2 months ago today actually. I long for her and ask if I could be that miracle case where she magically comes back. Does that make me look cray cray? Because I really do ask for that.
But you know, these 2 pound puppies are working their way in. Crazy behavior and all.

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