Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crates & Stairs

Scott and I are on our way to Little Rock right now. We have the girls in a crate in the back of the car and they haven't made a peep! As I write that I'm shaking my head. I have always claimed that crates are abusive to dogs! Holly would have found abusive and freaked out because we never put her in one so I guess that's why I felt that way. The girls never get in a crate either but since I have the one they got flown in I'd like them to be comfortable in it just in case they ever need to be in one. I'd actually prefer they always ride in it for road trips. It always worried me that I'd get in a wreck with Hol and she'd get hit by the airbag.
I'd also like to think we may could fly with the girls somewhere one day and they would have to be in a crate for that. They could board with me since they're so small but the airlines won't let you take them out and hold them. I guess if you start early they'll never know the difference. I'm learning from things I did/didn't with Holly and I think having them be comfortable in the crate makes my life a little easier. And that, my friends, is my beyond exciting crate thoughts.

The girls got a new toy today! I've been buying them mini sized toys since they're hamsters. But I saw this today and thought they might really like it because they always play with toys together. Lady Caterpillar (I always name the toys) was a huge success! They walked around with it like this all day! It was a team effort but they managed!

Another thing I did with Madison & Ivy is wear them out so they'd sleep on the drive to Little Rock. I made them run up the stairs a lot. They LOVE to run up but they cannot get down. Its so funny! We'll get it figured out one of these days!

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