Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-Up

One of these days I'm going to take pictures of my house and show you all! Not for many months though probably. It's nowhere near finished. But here's a little sneak peek of the kitchen and the little puppies who live here who will nap anywhere. No bed necessary--except for nighttime. #SoNotHolly

I've definitely enjoyed an extremely relaxing 2 days. I've hung by the pool and that's about it. Unfortunately I've got a long list of things I need to accomplish tomorrow because I'm leaving for Little Rock and will be there about 10 days. Mr. Landon is coming home for the summer so I'm going to spend some time with my best little bud. Scott and I along with my Mom, Dad, Uncle Rex and Marge Anna are going to a Presquile dinner on Friday night that I'm very much looking forward to. I see lots of wine and delicious fancy food in my future!

Saturday will be the first time I get to indulge in the lake and I'm definitely excited about that. Except I need to lose 5 (but really 7) pounds. I'm going to start working on that hard core next week. Nothing but fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish for the rest of June. Not really much different than how I eat now except no splurge, weekend cheat meals. That's what gets me. What is it about Saturday that says "I should eat On The Border?" Gah! Seriously yall, OTB is like, my fav. I have a problem.

The girls are doing much better. Way better than Monday. Monday was an off day. We're back to being good girls again. One of the girls, who shall remain nameless, had an accident today but other than that we did perfect! So 99% potty trained today. Yay! It's definitely getting easier. A week ago I thought I may lose my mind. We're in a routine now, getting settled in and good about our potty habits. I used to feel like I couldn't take my eyes off them but now I feel comfortable letting them be while I water the flowers, get dressed, etc.

Scott and I grill nearly every night and the girls used to not care about being outdoorsy but now they love it. Unfortunately the sprinklers caught them this evening!Whoops! They didn't really seem to care. I think they found it almost intriguing. Maybe they'll be water pups?
Of course they had to get a bath after. Unfortunately they live with a Momma who takes 2-3 baths/showers a day. I'm a clean freak. A lot of people say washing dogs a lot dries out their skin but Holly never had a problem with me bathing her 2-3 times a week so hopefully these girls won't either. I like smell good puppies. I can't help myself. I've had them 2 weeks and have already bathed them 4 times. Sorry girls! You'll get used to it.

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