Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I took off from life today and lounged by the pool. It was great but SO hot. I stayed in the water the entire time. No complaining of course. I know how lucky I am that I can simply be a housewife. But being a housewife actually does require work and it isn't fun ALL the time and sometimes I need a break too---ESPECIALLY with the new puppies. I know it can't compare but I'm getting a taste of what babies must be like. I was talking to Mom today and told her I used to feel like my life was so cool. Now all I do is pick up poop and pee, NOT enjoy my morning shows & cappuccino in peace, break-up sibling fights and keep my eye out for bad chewing. It's exhausting! Mommy needs a break. I had baby fever pretty bad in January....not anymore!! I blame Ivy and Madison.

These two little nuggets really are doing so good though! We're this close to being perfect with potty training! I can't teach them to lay for the life of me....or come...but we're trying SUPER hard. They officially know what the word treat means! The important things in life....
I have nothing else for today but I plan on fun posts for the rest of the week!

Until then...

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