Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome To My Closet!

I'm going to start showing you all pictures of my new house! It's finally starting to come together so every time I get a room complete I'll share how I've decided to decorate it! I love seeing how people design their homes so hopefully everyone will enjoy this. I decided to kick off this little series by starting with the most important room in the house---the closet!!! I really like my closet. It's not huge but it's pretty spacious and there's a perfect spot for everything. I love organizing closets and if I could do that for a living I totally would. No matter how big or small your closet is, there's a way to make it look beautiful and neat. I always strive to make it look like a little boutique! My own little boutique that I enjoy going shopping in! Scott and I love these built-ins! We had some at our place in Memphis and they were so nice to have! We share the drawers, he gets four and I get four, even though I could totally use all of them for myself!! I guess he lets me have the rest of it so it's a pretty good compromise. The shelves are great to store all of my handbags and I love being able to see them instead of stowing them away somewhere and forgetting what I have. Plus, bags are pretty so they should be on display!This space is where I keep my jewelry, plus a pretty picture of my sweet little doodlebug! The small mirrored tray is a great spot to throw a bunch of my more commonly used bracelets. The bigger mirrored tray holds a clock so I can keep up with the time while I'm getting dressed. I also keep my wedding ring and two pairs of my favorite earings, my pearls from Scott and classic studs from Jaclyn, because I wear these earings the most and it's easier to grab them this way rather than dig through my big jewelry box. I also keep my perfume here or I'll forget to put it on and a small little vase with fresh flowers because....well why not?!On the left side of the built-ins is where I keep all of my necklaces. I like them hanging neatly so they won't get tangled together in a big mess. Of course my favorite spot in the entire closet is my shoe shelves!!!! When we bought the house this was an empty wall and I decided a tall shoe shelf would fit perfectly there. I had them build the shelves at different heights for flats, heels, and boots to maxamize the space. There wasn't space for a few pairs of my boots but other than that all of our shoes managed to fit! Even Scott gets a few shelves. Haha!
This is what you see when you first step into the closet off of the bathroom. The baskets hold my hats, scarves, belts and other accessories.My side.Don't worry, Scott has a spot for his clothes too! His side has a full length mirror built in--so nice!And finally, this is where I keep all of my dresses! Organized casual to dressy....obviously.

So there's my closet! We love it. Scott and I can both be in here getting dressed and we aren't in each others way. It's not a million dollar closet but it's the best closet I've ever had before and I absolutely love it!!

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