Thursday, June 21, 2012


Grace has stayed with us all week and I've enjoyed her so much! People have asked if it's hard having three around and it really isn't. I haven't even noticed a difference. I guess it's like they say with babies, it's harder to go from 1-2 than from 2-3. All of the girls have been doing really great with potty training which obviously makes it easier. They all get along so well. I wonder if they'll be sad when Grace has to go back home tomorrow? I'm going to Little Rock next weekend so they all get to be re-united together again so that will be good!
Miss Teen Arkansas is next weekend and they've asked me to come and do a small little something. It will be a whopping 10 years since I won MTA which makes me feel so OLD. I went to the pageant last year and was the oldest former there and I felt so crunchy the final night when I had to go onstage and introduce myself. I was like "I'm Kara Luttrell Johnson MTA 2002" and all the others were like "so and so MTA 2009....2010....2011." I told Mom from now on they can just announce I'm there for me and I'll give a small little wave from my seat. Hey at least I'm in the 2000's and not the ancient times of the 1900's. I'm pretty sure Northwest Arkansas greatest cleaning ladies came to my house today. We're having some touch-ups done this week....things that may have been overlooked when they built it and one of the guys said his wife cleans houses and does a really great job at it. So I told him to send her on over! She and her sister (or maybe SIL) came and stayed for 4 hours and I've never seen anyone do a better job. They climbed on a ladder and cleaned my fans, they made my windows shine, they got inside the oven, pulled back the furniture and cleaned underneath it. I'm in heaven! I'm going to have them come every Thursday because they're super reasonably priced and can do a much better job than I ever could. They are wanting some more homes to clean so if you live up here and want their number just shoot me a message. They even folded my toilet paper all pretty. Die.

Time for the Razorback game. I'm excited for our baseball team! Woo Pig and Go Hogs!

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