Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picture Sharing

I have a lot of good photos on my phone that have been taken over the last few months I haven't shared with you all. So instead of a lot of mindless chatter, how about a few pictures instead.

All dressed up and ready for a fun night.
Ivy and Madison who went to the doctor on Friday and weigh in at 2.6 and 2.9 pounds right now.
Pops with the girls. They look so much bigger now than they did just a few weeks ago!
My Mom shared this photo with me just this week. It's the very last picture she has of Holly on her phone. This was taken almost exactly 24 hours before we lost her. My heart was filled with so much hope here.
Okay I was totally fine then 4 sentences later and I'm officially a mess. I miss my precious doodlebug more than you could possibly imagine. I can't wait to see that sweet baby again. I will never let her leave my arms for the entire eternity that I will be in Heaven!!!
Me and my bestie.
Landon and Grace.Beautiful Hydrangeas that I've grown and am currently enjoying in my house.
First wedding of the summer!
Sweetest (and cutest) little 7 year old I know!
Three little puppies who wish I'd finish blogging....and not lock out of the office while I'm doing it.

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