Friday, June 1, 2012

What The June?

How is it June? My world has clearly stopped because I keep writing April on documents. Time has never sped by so quickly for me.
I had zero to do today so I decided to hang in bed until 10:30 watching my favorite morning shows. I eventually started to feel exceptionally lazy so I popped out of bed and cleaned my house.
All week long I've been wanting to lay by the pool which is exactly what I did after I finished cleaning. I almost needed to cover up with my towel as it was unseasonably cold. I lasted a good hour and totally wasted the SPF 50 I slapped on since it was cloudy for about 54 minutes of that hour.
My father-in-law came over for dinner then we all watched What Would You Do. Who else loves that show? We watch it every Friday night. Did I totally just call myself out on being a major loser?
I'm currently watching The Holiday right now. Its one of my favorite movies. Actually, it's the first movie Scott & I went to see together. Aww.
Umm, that's as good as this one gets. Hoping for a fun weekend with my sweet husband. We have nothing planned. I'm excited already.

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