Friday, July 20, 2012

Small Screen Star

I'm back in Little Rock for the weekend. Grace is going to be a TV star on Monday so I decided to ride back with Mom because I, of course, have to be here to watch. Dr Bob does a segment on one of the local TV stations every Monday morning giving pet advice and he asked Mom if he could use Grace. We will be there bright and early Monday morning and I'm excited about it!! I'll post more details about it later. Obviously, I'm going to need you central Arkansas folks to hit record on the DVR to watch.

I'm so tired!!! I went to bed entirely too late and woke up entirely too early. I ate a delicious dinner at the Chenal Country Club with my parents (and borrowed one of Mom's dresses) and now I'm ready to get on my comfy PJ's and snuggle in bed. Night friends!!!

Oh and PS, my friend Ashley just sent me a text saying she's engaged!!! I'm so excited for her! Let the wedding planning begin!!

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