Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Week With Landon

This week with Landon has been a blast! I've loved having him here at my house and I really think he's loved being here. We haven't done a whole lot which is exactly what Landon prefers. We lay around all morning, go to the pool during the afternoon and do something fun at night. I'm definitely getting a taste of motherhood though. My house is not OCD approved, I have company while going potty, get barged in on while getting dressed, it takes me 45 minutes to eat a sandwich and I don't get a chance to enjoy my wine and watch my shows until about 11:00. Ha!!
Last night Mom, Scott and I took Landon to Fast Lanes. It's this great place here in Rogers with an indoor bowling alley, race car track, putt putt and arcade game area. Plus a restaurant with decent food and a bar. (Smart thinking these Fast Lane folks did with sneaking in that addition.) Scott and I actually go with our friends all the time and we always have so much fun. I've wanted to bring Landon to Fast Lanes since it opened and I finally got to do that last night. We bowled 3 games and my little competitor didn't exactly have the greatest time. He hated that he was getting beat by everyone and pouted at first. Then Uncle Scott encouraged Landon to try to beat his score every game which put a little pep in his step. His best score ended up being a 65 which I think is pretty great for a 7 year old!
After bowling we hit the arcades. Landon ended up winning the jackpot
on one of the games and won 1,000 tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a loooooooot of deliberating, he ended up coming home with an over-sized Scooby Doo. He's really into that right now.
We had to skip out on the race track because we ended up being there for way too long but hopefully Landon can come up for a Razorback game this fall and we can go back and check that out!
I love my little nephew like he's my own but I must admit, mommyhood is not calling my name yet. I like my life that consists of just me and Scott. I need to keep it a little longer. I look at my friends on Facebook who have babies and die over the cuteness of them and it makes me so excited for my time. I love reading blogs that are about Moms and their babies. I sometimes consider buying a little person outfit that I come across that's way adorable.....and maybe even already think about what type of fashionista my little girl will be. I've quite possibly googled "modern baby high chairs" and already checked out maternity clothing options online. I might have Pinterested and saved way too many nursery room photos on my iPad and told Scott when we were purchasing a new car for him to keep babies in mind.
I'm prepping for it but not ready for it! Who knows when I will be. People ask me ALL THE TIME. We said 5 years from the time we got married and it's been 3 1/2. Looks like we're maybe sticking to that statement?

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