Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My little nuggets got their first haircut yesterday. I thought we were going for a trim but instead we got a buzz. I was going to post pics....but I'm just not ready yet. Mom thinks they look so adorable....and they do....but it's so different!! Here's a pic I took of them right before we left for our first beauty shop visit.

Mom, Landon and I hung by the pool all day. It was fun! And I'm pretty sure my nephew consumes more food in one day than my husband does. Keeping Landon entertained is a challenge. He ALWAYS wants you to play with him. However, I think he's having a great time here!! It makes me happy.

It's time to put my little 7 year old buddy to bed. I think I'll push for the Bee Movie tonight. It's for sure my favorite. I LOL....not kidding!!

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