Thursday, August 30, 2012

Air Time

Hey all! I'm wiped. Today was crazy busy at work. It's definitely a good thing but I'm exhausted!! I have to get back in the groove of doing back to back to back to back haircuts.

My weekend starts right now! It's going to be a great one! Razorback football is here, the pool (and hopefully sun) will be calling my name.....a long weekend of nothing but fun....Check! I'm real excited!!
So Ivy & Madison slept with us last night....not the night before though. I'm so conflicted. What am I going to do with these two when it comes to bedtime? It's so hard!! I feel like we have children in our house. There's at least 2 toys in every room. Including closets and bathrooms. Of course my OCD kicks in and I always have to put them back in their rightful place and the girls just look at me like "why are you doing that Mom? Please leave them where they were." Its super lively in this house.
For those of you that watch Big Brother: last nights episode horrified me!! Dan is way evil but like, an evil genius. I cannot believe that happened!!!!! It was such a smart move but I hate it because it affected my girl Britney.
Also, did anyone notice her beautiful hair this season?!! She sent me a FB message a few months back to inform me that she watched my hair curling tutorial and loved it and she does her hair that way ALL the time thanks to me. Love. It. I told her she needed to talk about it on BB but she never did so that's a major bummer. I'm sure it came up in the house at some point when one of the girls was like "OMG I love your hair like that" and she was like "OMG my BFF taught it to me." and they just cut it out to save air time. Obviously thats what happened.
Umm...I guess that's all. Unless you want to hear about my day, which consisted of haircuts and pomade, I've got nothing else to say.

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