Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I miss my little Gracie Grace!! Mom and I talk every day and text pictures and videos of the girls and I received this a few days ago.

Isn't she such a cutie! I love that little munchkin.
Today wasn't real eventful. I went to work, had lunch with Jaclyn (yes it was at McAlisters, duh) worked more, came home to the Schwans Man, ordered lots of goodies (obviously.....I love Mr Schwan), watched the RNC all night with a Big Brother break in between (OMG! Tonights episode left me speechless) and did so much laundry my basket is empty. Now I'm laying in bed talking to you guys. It's time to call it a night. Scott's trying to convince me to go to the gym with him tomorrow morning at 7 AM to cycle. That's a little early to arrive at the gym. So we'll see.

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