Monday, August 20, 2012


I had a really nice weekend! Scott and I spent our Saturday in Fayetteville. We ate lunch at Hugos and popped in a few local stores. We also purchased a new piece of art for our living room!! It's HUGE and will take up an entire wall in our house. I'm kind of really excited about my new piece.
The house is very slowly coming together. I'm so anxious to get it completed. It's been very challenging doing a monochromatic white/grey look. Everything has brown!! I think we're actually going to have a custom piece of furniture made for our living room. A guy is working on a sketch for it now. I love the way our house is turning out and I'm so glad I chose the pallet I did but it's definitely making it a slower process than I hoped for. I guess part of the fun of decorating a new house is the process though, right?
I finally managed to get my date night!! Saturday evening we went to dinner at the new Theos here in Rogers. I'd been once before for drinks and appetizers but had never been back in the dining area. It was so great and I'm definitely looking forward to going back many, many times. I'm so happy they opened Theos up here because it's mine and Scott's favorite restaurant in NWA! After church on Sunday we rented The Hunger Games and relaxed the rest of the day!
I had a short work day today. My new boss and I talked about it and decided it would be better if I worked Tuesday-Thursday from now. Mondays are slow and I think working on Thursday will be a lot better so I'm excited about the change. Time for my shows! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!

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