Friday, August 17, 2012

Hacked, Sweaters & Snoozing

TGIF right? My week hasn't allowed much downtime. I'm glad it's the weekend. Let me tell ya something that's bothering me.
My email has been getting hacked for a little over a month now and it's driving me crazy. I get text messages on my phone from Yahoo saying "I" kept failing my email security questions. Twice someone has figured out the answers, changed my password and gotten into my email. Scott did some research and figured out via the IP address that this lovely person is from a small town in Arkansas. Scott and I made up our own security questions with answers that only us would know. And if I get another text saying someone was trying to get into my email again we're going to hire someone to find this person. It's a major invasion of privacy and I seriously don't appreciate it. Like really? Get a life. And your own J. Crew emails. Loser.
I was at Walmart today browsing the pet section and I discovered these sweaters so, obviously, I got them for the girls. Could you die?! It's clearly summertime so we don't need them but I decided to try them on for size. I got an XS but I don't think they'll be able to fit into them when winter actually rolls around. Just like Holly, they'll be a small. And just like Holly, the small will be too big but the XS will be too small. Holly liked wearing her sweaters because she was very cold natured. I don't think Ivy and Madison get cold so sweaters may not get worn much with them. Or maybe they will because I like the way a little puppy looks in a little sweater!! Not stupid dog clothes--just sweaters. And a Halloween costume because, let's be honest, they're irresistible. Oh and a Razorback jersey for game days....obviously.
I'm loving these little nuggets so much. And they love me so much too. It sure does make me feel good! I can't do anything without company. They're literally on my heels everywhere I go. It's so cute!! Every night I so badly want to put them in bed with me. It's hard to make them sleep in the laundry room even though they don't care at all. They've slept with me a few times and they're good little sleepers! I'm looking towards the future though and I just don't think it's a good idea for them to get in that habit. Holly will be my only girl who got to enjoy that...and I kind of love that snoozing together was our thing and nobody else's. :)
"Was is this? Get it off me!!"

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