Thursday, August 16, 2012


This week has been busy!! Work is going good. My books have been really full which has been delightfully surprising especially since this was just my second week. I only work Monday-Wednesday but the people who work Thursdays had completely full schedules so they asked me if I could come in today. I worked a half day and was busy for almost all of it. I like staying busy. It makes the day go by really quickly.

I feel bad leaving these girls alone for so long. Scott and I haven't been getting home until 7ish every night this week. It makes me so sad for them!! Madison and Ivy definitely aren't used to being alone during the day and I can tell they don't like it. They officially know that when I'm getting dressed it means I'm about to leave them. Even though I have a lot to do tomorrow, I will definitely make it up to these girls by spending a lot of quality time with them.

Rose and I are currently watching Harry Potter (she's fascinated) while Ivy and Madison are passed out next to us.

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