Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Weekend, Big Changes

We had a great weekend in the teeny tiny town of Carlinville, Illinois!

We arrived into town and had a few hours to relax before getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Even though Carlinville is a small town it's very neat and quaint. I'm not one who really cares to live in a small town but I could see why the people who live there enjoy it.
I got to sleep in until 9:30 on Saturday and it was so nice! My puppies wake me up at 7:30 every morning so I felt like I got great sleep! Scott had to be at the church early so I laid around the hotel and watched the Olympics.

The ceremony was lovely and Elyse was gorgeous! The wedding started at 3:00 and Scott and I didn't leave the reception until 12:30. Needless to say, it was one big party!!

The reception decor was so neat. It looked like a photo from Pinterest. It was at her parents house--outside! Our group of friends snagged a table by one of the big fans but we managed to keep ourselves cool with some kind of yummy punch that we all couldn't get enough of!!!

I bought this beautiful Rebecca Taylor dress for the wedding a few weeks ago. It managed to give me more of a headache than any dress I've ever owned. I took it out of the hanging bag for the first time since I bought it and the big massive censor thing was still on it!!! Luckily it was on the lining of the skirt so I was able to pin it up and hide it quite nicely. Then I'm sitting at the reception minding my own business when all of a sudden the zipper totally busted open top to bottom. I mean, thank goodness I hooked it at the top or the wedding guests would have gotten a flashy surprise. As I was walking into the house to try to fix it I ran into Elyse who told me to just go to her room and raid her closet. How awesome is she? So I emerged with a beautiful coral number and was so grateful that A) the bride has amazing taste in clothes and B) she let me borrow a dress that I'm sure she plans to take on her honeymoon. They aren't leaving until Thursday so I'll be sure to get it back to her before they leave.

I want to be really mad at my dress but she's so pretty so I'll just fix and forget. Other than my dress disaster, the wedding weekend was perfect! Now Scott and I are on our way back home and I'm anxious to see my little puppies!!

This is a big week for the Johnson's full of big life changes. Scott quit his job at Sara Lee and tomorrow he starts a new job in a totally different career field. Scott's going into the family business and will work with his Dad building homes now. It's something he's always wanted to do and we've always known he would do it eventually. It ended up being a little sooner than we had originally thought but he's so excited about his new career and the fact that he won't be working 80 hours a week anymore! His last day at Sara Lee was Thursday and he's been so carefree since then. No more stress!!!
As for myself, I decided to go get a new job too. Look at me go. I decided on Monday that I wanted to work again so I went into a salon and asked if they were hiring, they said yes and that was that. I've been getting bored at home and the puppies aren't as much work as they used to be and now that summer is almost over I figured, ehh why not. I'm just going to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for now. If I get really busy I may pick up more days but for now three will do. I start tomorrow. I'm looking forward to doing hair again. I miss it!

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