Thursday, August 9, 2012

Exhausting Week

I intended on blogging all week but I forgot how much a new job can wipe you out when you aren't used to it being a part of your routine.
This week hasn't been real exciting. I caught up on a lot of errands today. I'm dying to lay by the pool. I fully intend on doing that tomorrow. I've got a book to complete and I can't think of a better way to finish it than in the sun while getting a tan.
Ivy and Madison don't care for the new work routine. I came home from work on Tuesday to eat lunch and Ivy cried for (almost) the whole hour and wouldn't let me put her down. I felt horrible!! I'm so glad they have each other though. That's precisely why I always said if I did it again I would get two. The sad eyes never fail to break my heart and I've always felt that if they had a companion it would be okay to leave them be for a few hours. It definitely helps. I couldn't do this to Holly.
Honestly, I left my old job for Holly. She was getting old and I wanted to be home with her all day, every day. I'm so blessed and grateful that I was able to do that and I truly believe it enriched her life and kept her around longer. I always said after I lost Hol that I would get a job but then I got Ivy and Madison so that put the job thing on hold. Anyways, I can't even talk about it or I'll erupt into a ball of tears. I miss my doodlebug like crazy. BUT--I'm definitely glad I got two and even if it can be more work sometimes it also makes things so much easier as well!!
Speaking of the little nuggets, they're doing really great! They'll be 21 weeks on Saturday and I bet they're getting close to weighing 5 pounds now. We're doing great with potty training. I used to have 3 different puppy pad spots all over my house and I've slowly picked them up. I want them to go in the laundry room only and so far so good!! I can't quite trust them on the carpet upstairs though. My bedroom has carpet and they never have an accident but the upstairs carpet seems to bring trouble so it's forbidden for now.
I really missed them while I was away last weekend! They're capturing this broken heart and slowly mending it back together again......
I'm looking forward to the weekend and will demand that my cute husband join me for a date! We haven't had a fun date night in so long which is so abnormal for us. I don't care what we do, I just need a delicious meal away from home. See you back here tomorrow?!

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