Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I know Grace isn't technically my puppy but I think of her as my own! Gracie Grace is what I call her. Dad calls her Gracie and Mom calls her Grace so to me she's Gracie Grace....or Sweet Grace because she's so, so sweet! Grace has some black tips now but she will be solid gold all over, just like her little paws. Her colors are gorgeous and her hair is so thick and pretty.Grace acts so different than Ivy and Madison. You would never know Grace is in the room. She's so calm and quiet and gentle. Grace aims to please! She completely goes with the flow and lets you do to her whatever you like. You could hang Grace upside down and walk around with her and she would just go with it. Ivy or Madison will take a treat or toy away from Grace and she just looks at them like, "aw man" but doesn't do anything about it. For some reason, one of Grace's ears is always flopped back. I have no idea how it happens since she's never crazy and reckless!!

Grace is the definition of a lap dog. Nothing would please her more than to just lay on the sofa or in bed all day long and have a lazy day. Grace loves her sleep and is most definitely not a morning gal. She isn't totally functioning until after 11 am.Grace is so obsessed with my Mom. She knows she's her Momma and she loves her so much already. She's also crazy about little kids and Winston, my brothers dog. They're boyfriend and girlfriend. Grace and Winston LOVE each other and it's so cute to watch them play. Even if Ivy and Madison are around, Grace and Winston only have eyes for each other.

Grace and I have really bonded this week. She's SO excited to see me in the morning or when I come home after being out running errands. She just looks with love in her eyes!! Grace just wants to love and be loved!
Grace is such an easy dog. She just hangs and loves and gives kisses. She also can stand on her two back feet for so long and she looks incredibly graceful and pretty while doing it! I tried to get a picture of her "dancing" but apparently she gets camera shy with stuff like that.

I love Grace. She's easy to love. She's so well behaved and a precious little nugget. Ivy and Madison LOVE Grace oo tand I look forward to seeing them all together for the many, many years to come!

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