Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Let's talk about Ivy! Or, Little Ivy as I call her--Because she's just so wittle!!! Ivy is the smallest of the bunch. She eats the most though! Ivy LOVES the chew bones. She also loves to chew my stairs. Neat. Luckily that can easily be fixed and she hasn't gotten to furniture which would be much more devastating. Her teeth must hurt because she always has to be chewing on something.
When Ivy isn't chewing on something, she's hanging with her pal, Mr. Ruff Ruff. Ivy LOVES Mr. Ruff Ruff. He is her little stuffed animal that must go everywhere with her. When I get her out of the laundry room in the morning she says hi very quickly then runs back into the room and gets Mr. Ruff Ruff and just walks all around the house with him for a good 5 minutes not setting him down even to go potty. Every. Single. Day. It's so cute and so funny! She loved him from the beginning so I got extra Mr. Ruff Ruff's in case something happens to him in the future.Ivy is very quirky. She arches her back like a cat when she wakes up from a nap. She always yawns when you rub the right side of her neck. She rears back before she takes off running. She's very predictable! She has lots of funny quirks.
Ivy is definitely the smartest. She's also my little cry baby. Ivy communicates via crying. If she can't find me in the house, she cries. If I shut her out of my room she sticks her arm under the door....and cries. If she can't reach something, she cries! It's such a sweet little noise. I love the cries. Haha!!Ivy is kind of hard to read. She cries when she can't find me, always has to be beside me but she isn't much of a lover. She's never as excited to see me as the others are and doesn't want me to pick her up and tote her around. I've decided to spend more one on one time with Ivy because I want her to love me as much as she loves her sisters!! Ivy is very selfish. I gave the girls new bones yesterday and she nabbed two of them and ran away. If her and Madison are chewing bones she'll take Madisons and lay on top of it then chew hers. Madison looks at her and just barks and barks!!!! Ivy doesn't care. Haha.
Ivy's body is grey now but I think she's going to turn into a golden/copper color. I love her little white chest and her dark black face and ears. She's a cutie.
Ivy and Madison have two totally different personalities but they balance each other well and love each other so much. I love having two little twins! It definitely brings a lot of entertainment to the house!!

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