Friday, September 21, 2012

Day In My Life--Thursday

7:50--I wake up to puppies pouncing on my face. The girls are starting to sleep with us about 30% of the time now. When they sleep in the laundry room the other 70% of the time they are crazy hyper when they get out. They slept in the laundry room last night hence the waking up to licking, pouncing and sniffing. Always pleasant.
8:15--Get prepared for Marta and Emma to clean my house. They come every Thursday at 8:30. I usually get dressed before they arrive so I can leave and be out of their way but since I haven't had a lazy day in forever I decided to just chill in my PJ's and hang out upstairs while they cleaned. Ivy and Madison, especially Madison, are so obsessed with them. Madison loves everyone. If something happened and Madison had to live with someone else she totally wouldn't care and would adjust within seconds. Marta and Emma are finally able to tell Ivy and Madison apart. Everyone always has a hard time with it. Madison has the light face and Ivy has the dark face.
10:30--Lunch. I always get hungry around this time so if I have the option I just go on ahead and eat. It's kind of embarrassing but oh well. I've learned a snack won't satisfy me so I may as well just eat my lunch. Today it was a Lean Cuisine Panini.
12:00--Down to Fayetteville for some errands. I visit my favorite boutiques in Fayetteville and find a dress to wear to the game on Saturday from Masons in the mall. It's black so I need a red necklace. Still on the hunt for that. I'll continue my search tomorrow.
4:00--Home. I turned on Dr. Oz, laid on the sofa with my girls and chilled.
5:45--Scott's home with dinner. I'm starving (since I ate lunch at 10:30) so we cook right away--a shared strip and salad. While Scott is grilling I take my new neighbors a half dozen cupcakes from Bliss and introduce myself. They seem really nice and I have no doubt they will love the cupcakes as they are little bites of heaven.
7:00--No good shows are on so we're glued to Fox News for the rest of the evening. I'm ready for my shows to start back up!
12:01--Finishing up this blog, taking a bath, then getting in bed. Today was fun! I still have a lot of errands to take care of tomorrow but not getting up and immediately getting dressed was so nice.
And just because...
This was Ivy and Madison at the vet last Thursday. Their pink crate was definitely the safe zone even though they were very curious to know what was going on outside of it.