Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day In My Life--Wednesday

8:10--I've been pretending my sleep for about 30 minutes now. Time to take off my eye mask, get blinded by the extreme light that comes into my bedroom, and turn on the tube.
8:30--Shower time!! I washed my hair last night so it's just rinsing and shaving. I shave EVERY day. Nothing in this world could happen that would make me change that. I will always shave. I feel ewie if I don't.
9:00--Back in bed (after giving the girls their vitamins and scoop of food) with my cappuccino and watching my favorite morning show!!
9:20--Outfit struggle--I didn't love it today. It could have been better.
9:45--Out the door. Not without making the bed though. It's like shaving. It will get done no matter what. The last time I didn't make my bed in the morning is when I changed the sheets. Which I do every Sunday.
12:00--Snack!!!! Goldfish crackers are the best snack ever. I count them out (55=140 calories) and Landon is SO right. The original orange ones are way tastier than the colored ones.
1:15--Lunch. I come home and eat a can of Campbells Tomato Soup again. I watch Megan Kelly on Fox during my lunch hour. It's safe to say I squeeze in about 5 hours of news per day. I love the news.
2:30--Back at work.
6:55--Home!!! I'm greeted by a cute husband and cuter puppies.
7:15--Dinner. Mahi Mahi and salad. Yum. During dinner we watch the X Factor. I love Simon. And Brit Brit.
9:00--Big Brother. I've been looking forward to it all day. If you ask me, Dan SO should have won. I love Ian too though so it's okay. I think Scott would be awesome on Big Brother and I'm trying to convince him to apply. He would be great at competitions and would have a perfect social game because everyone likes Scott. He isn't overbearing and out there with his personality. Scott kind of flies under the radar. People trust him--as they should--and he's very smart and annoyingly logical. I would be horrible on Big Brother. Everyone would hurt my feelings and they wouldn't make their beds. I'm positive they'd use the dirty kitchen sponge to clean the dishes and that would stress me out so much I couldn't even think about the game for fear of sick nasty germs.
10:00--Clean up my Facebook. I'm not trying to be rude but some people just need to be hidden. The foul language, the constant "like if you agree" the incessant's just too much. And while we're talking Facebook can I please request something? I think that before you reveal the blessed child you should clear off the placenta. It's gotten out of hand. I understand that we're super excited to reveal the little miracle but shouldn't we wait until it's bundled up in a blanket with that cute little blue and pink stripped hat on? I know I'm stepping on some toes but I mean, someone's gotta say it. I promise I won't feel any differently when I have my own so don't send me emails saying I will. I won't back down on this.
11:30--Time for bed.