Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day In My Life--Tuesday

8:30--Alarm goes off and I'm startled. I set my alarm for 8:30 every day but it never wakes me up. That's Scott's job. I stayed up too late last and I regret it. I immediately pop out of bed and hop in the shower.
8:50--I'm clean and makeup is done. I decide to forgo washing my hair since I woke up late. Plus I just don't feel like messing with it. Per usual, I make my cappuccino, give the girls their food and vitamins then hop back in bed.
9:00--Watch Kelly and Michael while drinking my cappuccino. The host chat is extra funny to me today. I decide I'm going to really like Michael.
9:20--Get dressed. Its a production because I couldn't make up my mind. I went with a dress, cardigan and scarf. I also managed to throw my hair up in the perfect messy bun with only one try.
9:45--Off to work.
1:45--Lunch time!!! I'm beyond famished. On the drive I make an appointment to get Ivy and Madison fixed. They turned 6 months old yesterday so its officially time. We schedule it for next Thursday.
1:55--I'm home with my girls and choose a can of Campbell's tomato soup while watching Katie on TV.
2:45--Back to work. Today was super busy for me. Before I know it it's...
6:45--Time to go home!
7:15--Dinner! Scott cooked an extra chicken breast last night so we shared that and a can of Leseur Peas, my guilty pleasure "vegetable." That meal doesn't take us far.
7:45--Still hungry. Brie and crackers do the job.
8:00--Special 20/20 on the greatest television shows of all time. Very interesting even though Friends wasn't mentioned once. This disturbs me.
10:00--Time to get ready for bed!! I need to wash my hair and usually I'd shower to do that but I'm in the mood for a bath. While trying to relax, Ivy figures out how to break into my shower.

.....as soon as I'm done--BED!

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