Monday, September 17, 2012

Day In My Life--Monday

I thought it might be fun for me to write about what my day to day life consists of this week on the blog. I feel like it will be really neat to look back on it one day. I'd like to do this every 6-9 months just to see how different my schedule and life changes. So here we go!

6:45-- Scott's alarm goes off.
8:10--I finally give up on trying to fall back asleep so I turn on GMA.
8:30--Hop in the shower. I didn't have to wash my hair today since I did that last night. I always like when that happens because it allows me more time in the mornings to chill. I slip my PJ's back on and do my makeup.
8:50--Make breakfast. It's always the same--a french vanilla cappuccino. While the Keurig is doing it's duty I give the girls their morning scoop of food (2/3 a cup) and their daily vitamin which they love and always have to sit for. Still training!!
9:00--I'm back in bed to eat sip breakfast while I watch the host chat on Live! With Kelly and Michael.
9:20--Host chat is over, cappuccino is finished. Get out of bed, do my hair and choose my wardrobe for the day.
9:40--Getting stressed over my shoe decision. Kitten heels or flats? The debate went for 5 minutes. I went with flats.
9:50--Off to work. Like always, call Mom on my way.
12:45--Lunch with Jaclyn at McAlisters. Taco Salad is my meal of choice. It was really good today. They put more chili than usual on it.
2:50--Get a break at work to check my emails/social networking and see one of my favorite restaurants has replied to me on Twitter. It was exciting and I hope they take my suggestion into close consideration.
I also have a voicemail from my builder. A couple is wanting to build in my neighborhood and are interested in my floor plan. They're wondering if they can come see my house. No problem whatsoever. Happy to help out!
4:50--Leave work and go to Ulta. I need 2 of my Dermalogica products. I never enjoy this day. Dermalogica is pricey but I love it and thankfully it lasts a long time. When checking out I get a $20 coupon to use on my next Dermalogica purchase. This thrills me.
5:15--Home and happy to see Madison and Ivy. Madison is extra excited to see me today.
6:00--Couple checks out my house. They love the floor plan and stay to analyze/ask questions about the home and neighborhood for 45 minutes. I hope they are my future neighbors because they were SO nice!! Their daughter came with them and we figure out the reason we recognized each other was because she works at Savoir Faire. I obviously shop there way too much.
8:00--Scott comes home from work and fires up the grill. Chicken and vegetables for dinner--what else?
8:20--Check up on Grace. She had lady surgery today. Her recovery seems to be going good.
8:30--Nothing interesting is on TV so I decide to watch 2 episodes of Game Of Thrones.
12:00--I am, for some reason, up entirely too late blogging. I'm so tired, about to take a bath and go to bed.
Until tomorrow...

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