Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well our Razorback tailgate was fun but the game was miserable. Disappointment in this season doesn't even begin to describe it. It's all just very frustrating because we have a really great team with National Championship potential but our coach.....oh our coach. I feel sorry for him. You know he's stressed and just way in over his head. It stinks for everyone. I heard that Jeff Long and John L's cars were parked at their offices early this morning. Wonder what that meeting was about? Oh to be a fly on that wall.....
Can we talk about how adorable this photo is? My parents ordered these shirts from American Apparel and printed on them for the girls to have and they all looked so cute!! Walmart always used to carry Razorback t-shirts, jerseys, and sweaters but for some reason they've stopped this year. Holly had tons of great Razorback gear but of course I would never hand-me-down to the girls because what's Holly's is strictly Hollys. No sharing there. So we just had to make our own. I still want to find them a Razorback jersey so if you see one let me know!!
We had a great weekend and I loved having my parents come up to visit. We ate
dinner at Theos on Friday night and ate so much catered BBQ for lunch on Saturday that we didn't even eat dinner last night. Instead we stayed in and rented a movie. Grace, Ivy and Madison had a blast playing together of course.
This picture just melts my heart. Madison and Ivy love each other SO much. They always snuggle up and sleep together but lately Madison has been putting her arm around Ivy while they snooze. It's just the sweetest thing ever!!! I love how much they love each other. They're so precious.

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