Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hey all! Yesterday was such a yucky day for me. I felt horrible and was convinced for about 5 minutes that I contracted the West Nile. I went to a driveway party in my neighborhood on Sunday night and got bit by a mosquito and I had all the signs pointing towards it. I honestly can't believe I pushed through work. I came home and went to bed at 8:45 and felt perfect when I woke up this morning. Thank goodness!! I don't know what got me yesterday but apparently it wasn't something that a 12 hour sleep couldn't fix.

This was in the September issue of Vogue and I thought it was kind of cool since I'm an El Dorado girl. Correction. I was born and raised there. That's all though. I'm not trying to put it down it's just, well....I'm a NWA resident and have been for 9 years now. This is where I call home and probably will for the rest of my life. I love it here and don't really have any desire to live anywhere else. I'm a NWA girl. My roots may be in ElDo but home is here....and I love it.

Speaking of home....I'm going to Little Rock this weekend to see my parents and I'm SO excited. No matter how old I get, "Home" will always be stored as my parents number in my cell. I can't wait to see them. It's been 6 weeks--way too long in my book!! I know the 3 puppies will be SO EXCITED to see each other as well. They are the bestest of friends there ever was. It's so sweet!!
Time to chill. Until tomorrow....

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