Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time Of The Season

Obviously, I'm very excited that Razorback football is back in town. I love everything about it. Per usual, we had to inflate our game day friend. He's new to Hyde Park but has been living with us (Me. I had him before I knew Scott) for about 7 years. I love this little guy and my game day Saturday mornings start out by getting him all set up. He looks cozy in his new space doesn't he?
Don't worry, the inside of our house gets showered with Razorback love too.
Tailgating was great. Always is. Scott, Jake, Jaclyn and I ate lunch at Hammontrees together then hit campus to get our tailgate on. Scott and I didn't stay for the entire game because 1.) We were playing......wait, who did we play? I seriously can't remember and 2.) The girls were home ALL DAY by themselves and that's never happened to them before so it was stressing me out. It's funny because I got two puppies for exactly this reason--So I wouldn't worry about leaving them because they have each other. I hated leaving Holly and that sad face she gave me and I always said if I did it again I would always have two together so I would never feel guilty leaving them. Well, apparently it doesn't make a difference with me so that grand idea was a bust.
Speaking of my little duo, they are in for a super fantastic weekend and they don't even know it yet. We get to see Grace tomorrow!!!!!! Scott and I are headed to Little Rock for the weekend. Ivy, Grace and Madison will all be so excited to see one another that I'm willing to bet they wet themselves. My girls also LOVE their Gamma so I know they'll be happy to see her too. It's going to be a fun time for all of us!!

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