Monday, September 10, 2012

Tailgating in Little Rock

Scott and I got to Little Rock on Friday around 5:00. The puppies were SO excited to be reunited together again and their level of happiness kept us entertained for quite some time. My parents best friends, The Gobers, were staying with them for the weekend as well so the six of us ate dinner out on Friday night at The Butcher Shop. It was Yum. They have one in Memphis and Scott and I always wanted to go when we lived there but never did. I'd recommend it.
On Saturday morning I woke up and headed to my favorite store--J.Crew. I needed a new J.Crew shirt to go with my J.Crew shorts. Obviously I found one. When do you not find what you're looking for in there? I looked like a walking J.Crew ad and almost nothing in fashion world could make me happier than that--almost. Only a few things could top it.
After eating at Mooyah's (First time--YUM--Get your burger wrapped in lettuce--so delish) we set off to tailgate. Mine and Scott's tradition for the LR games is to watch the game at the tailgate instead of going in. We love it--I don't know why--but it's our tradition and I always plan on keeping it that way. I can't even talk about the game except that Scott predicted it and everyone thought he was crazy. I need a few months before I can digest what's happened to us this year. So many things are frustrating about this season. I hope it's just a season. Being a Razorback is so heartbreaking sometimes.
I still love my Hogs though and I'll always cheer them on no matter what challenges may face us. WPS!!!

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