Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So I've noticed something about Madison. She likes closed quarters/a roof over her head. She loves getting under our furniture, covers and in her crate. I've even caught her buried under a bunch of pillows. So Scott and I decided we just had to get that little girl a house!! We both (don't let him try to tell you he didn't participate...he was so into it) scoured the Internet for a house for Madison and found that Walmart.com has THE BEST pet stuff.

I found the cutest little mini dog house so, obviously, I bought it and it arrived at our door last week and Madison is obsessed!!!!! Ivy loves it so much too actually!

I love that they love their little beds. Holly loved her bed SO much and I'm thrilled they share the same sentiment.
Mom decided to get Grace a house as well. We've got a little mini dog neighborhood going on in our living room and its rediculously too cute.

I think we need to purchase another house simply for the cuteness purpose. These three little ones......I really do love them. I have too many mini cuties in my life. I'm not complaining.

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