Friday, October 19, 2012


What does your weekend look like? Mine looks like this.

Yep. I'm baby sitting!! We've got lots of 4-legged children in our house this week. Honestly, I think nothing of it. I think if someone only had 1 dog and gained 3 for a weekend they would find it crazy. But half of these in the photo are mine and an extra two just doesn't phase me. They say that's how it is with kids--going from 1-2 is hard but 2+ is no big deal. I totally get that. They're all good girls so that obviously makes it easier. Per usual, my girls are OBSESSED with Rose and love when she's here. Madison pounces all over (poor) Rose and Ivy stares in awe wishing so badly she could be her. This is Grace's first time to meet Rose and in total Grace style, she's just going with the flow.
That's not all that's going on this weekend though. Tomorrow night we have a big Halloween party to attend and I'm pretty excited about it. My neighbors are throwing it and since the day we moved in its all I've heard about. Apparently it's a pretty big deal and I'm kinda really big time looking forward to it. I'm going as the tanning mom and I'm not gonna lie, I'm super excited about my costume. I love that lady.

Speaking of ladies....these three got groomed today. Don't they look pretty?!!! I don't know why Madison looks like she weighs 97 pounds in this picture. It's just proof to us all that sometimes the camera really can catch a bad angle.
I've never talked about it because it's kinda traumatizing but in case you haven't noticed, my dogs don't have tails. I didn't realize it until I took them to the vet the day I got them and she informed me that their tails were docked. I just assumed they had tiny tails given they weighed 1 pound. Wrong. I cried at the vet and, like an idiot, asked if they would grow back. They don't in case you were wondering. It's okay. I can still see their tiny little nubbin wag and it makes me laugh.
That's all.

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