Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I mentioned last week that Scott and I were planning to vacation in Jamaica for our 4th anniversary and today we officially booked the trip!
We are staying at Secrets St. James and are super pumped about it! If anyone has read this blog long you know how much Scott and I love the Secrets resorts. This will be our third resort to visit and we're pretty positive, given the good track record that we've had, that we will not be disappointed. We're staying for an entire week and I'm already anxious for these next few months to fly by.
I have an addiction to buying Ivy and Madison sweaters---especially ones that match. I just cannot help myself because they look so adorable. Madison LOVES wearing a sweater. When she see's me go to the sweater drawer (yes they have an entire drawer) she runs over to me, puts her paws up on my legs then sticks her neck out for me to put it on while her little nubbin is going as fast as it can. It's so funny and so un-Madison. Ivy doesn't mind them but she doesn't freak out and get excited about it like Madison does. I think Madison is more cold natured, like Holly, because she loves to lay on a heating pad too.

I saw this a while back and I always try to keep it in mind while I'm spinning. It helps pump me up!