Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Curtains, Vegas & Cute Pups

I think I wake up earlier and earlier every single day. It's super annoying. I blame the extreme brightness in my room. I'm planning on fixing that this month. I'm taking my curtains to a seamstress on Friday to get a blackout backing on them. I'm very excited about this. I've woken up mad at the sun every morning since I moved into my house in April. I have a list of things that I want to do to our house before the year is up and backing my curtains is one of them. Another thing is decorating my office but I can't find a set of chairs I like to save my life. I also want to get my living room completely decorated by the end of the year and I'm almost there. All I need once my new piece comes in is something to go above and things to place on it and curtains. Scott doesn't like curtains anywhere but a bedroom. He likes a "clean look." I love curtains. I think they make the home look so cozy. I've already found some that I think will look really good. I may purchase them tomorrow. If I do that though I definitely need to have the people at the store hang them for me. I don't think Scott hates anything more in life than hanging a curtain rod. He gets in such a bad mood while he's doing it and we always get in a fight. It's not pleasant and best to avoid when possible.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here that I'm going to Vegas the week after Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law is turning 50 so she, Scott and myself are taking off to Vegas for a week to celebrate. I'm really excited about going. You know how much I love Vegas. We're staying at TI and Scott and I have already planned all of our food out. You know how important that is to us! Scott told me I can't gamble this time since I lost all of my Christmas money, and then some, last year. I think he still loses sleep over that. I still remember the look on his face when I stuck that last $100 bill in the slots at the airport in an effort to win it all back when instead it disappeared within 25 seconds. Scary.
Not that it even needs to be said anymore but I had lunch with Jaclyn at McAlisters today. We still aren't tired of eating McAlisters every Wednesday after all these years. 
Is it me or are these two getting cuter? They're wearing matching sweaters again today, duh. Right now they're currently staring out of the office window. I pushed a chair up against it and Madison and Ivy spend the majority of their day looking outside anxious for something to give them a reason to bark. A car driving by tends to do the trick. Luckily that doesn't happen very often. I had to pick something up at the vet today and mentioned that I was anxious for them to turn a year old so we can be done with the puppy stage. They told me dogs have "puppy brain" for 18 months. What?
I think I just talked my husband into dinner out at Basil's tonight. Yes!!