Friday, November 16, 2012


People have been posting daily thankful's all month on Facebook. I guess it's because Thanksgiving is around the corner but I also think it's because some people really love to post on Facebook every day and it gives them a reason to update. Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to show gratitude for things but this months Facebook updates are getting just as old as a photo of your car thermometer showing it's 102 degrees in July. This will soon pass but then we'll have January to look forward to when everyone's favorite status "It's Snowing!!" will flood our feed followed by April's popular catch phrase "This Weather Is Amazing!!" Luckily the election is over. There were all kinds of crazy updates during that time period. (Sorry about that)
Facebook is getting old. I'm tired of all the changes. I posted a photo the other day and the process stressed me out. I hit the little photo upload button then suddenly all of the photos on my camera roll came up with little checks next to them. I sat for a super long time wondering what to do and became terrified that every single photo would upload. Number 1, people would judge me for posting that many photos at once and Number 2, some photos are not meant to be shared. I was definitely over thinking it because all you have to do is tap the photo you want to upload then the little check turns green and it's actually pretty simple and only a stupid person couldn't figure it out but still, enough with the changes.
Last night I took the girls toy basket and dumped all of Ivy and Madison's toys onto the floor and it was like, the most fun night ever. If you think this is a lot of toys you should see what's in the bonus room upstairs. And yes there is a 2 liter diet coke bottle and a pair of house shoes that those two have claimed as their own. Sometimes it's easier to just go with it.

I wrote an email to J Crew today begging them to open a store in Rogers. They actually responded to me and said thank you for reaching out and they will pass my request along so we'll see what happens with that. I would be utterly delighted but Scott would probably prefer them to stay far, far away from here.

I need to get dressed. I'm going to Dickson Street tonight to celebrate a friends birthday. The last time I can recall being on Dickson was about a year and a half ago. I guess I'm just growin up. Enjoy your weekend!