Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last night on Dickson was a lot of fun! After dinner at Farrell's we hopped across the street to Willy D's. Those who know me well know how much this thrilled me. I LOVE a piano bar. I miss the cool girl who used to play there when I was in college though. She was so good and I loved it when she would bust out a little 'Hollaback Girl' in the middle of 'Jack and Diane.' Good memories.

Today we had a bunch of folks over at our house to watch the game. Then the Ole Miss vs LSU game was so entertaining so most everyone stayed for that one too. I had so much pizza and queso at lunch that I couldn't even think about putting a small crumb in my mouth for dinner. I guess I'm getting my stomach prepped for Thanksgiving. I should probably spin for about 2 hours tomorrow.
Until then....

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