Monday, November 19, 2012

Jeepers Creepers

Today was just another manic Monday. Or not really as I'm unemployed and have nothing to do. I'm not in the mood to decorate my house for Christmas yet so I just, you know, hung out.
I was informed from IO Metro today that my new piece wouldn't be in until the end of January. Here we go again. First it was the beginning of December then it was the end of December and now it's the end of January? So annoying.
Remember a couple of days ago when I said I was taking my bedroom curtains to get blackout backing on them? Yeah well that didn't happen. When I called to get a price for doing that they told me it would be $45 a pannel. I have 4 pannels and the opportunity to have a black room in the morning in exchange for $45 a pannel was a no brainer. Then they called me on Friday to inform me they forgot to add in the cost of supplies and it would actually be $100 a pannel. What? I can't spend $400 on curtain backing. SO, the sun is still beaming in bright and shiny every single morning. I told Scott that maybe I should just go buy a sewing machine and take care of it myself. After all, I did take home economics in the 8th grade. He objected majorly and said I would ruin them. Can't be worse than the ruined sleep I get every morning but whatever. I've got to come up with a backup plan now.
I'm starting to think the alterations business is where it's at. Remember when they charged me $200 to hem the front 6 inches of my wedding gown and that's it? I do.
Speaking of mornings and ruined sleep, Scott felt the need to tell me goodbye when he left for work today. Can't remember that happening since the first 4 months of marriage but whatever. I prefer he just leave me be and after what happened today he probably will from now on. I guess I heard his footsteps because as I was coming out of my deep sleep to the man (dressed in all black by the way) slowly walking towards me I freaked out and it took me a solid 7 seconds before I realized the creepy man coming to get me was my husband. I think is funny that my protective instincts kicked in and I hid under my covers. Like that would save me.
It's interesting that it took my brain so long to get onboard with what my eyes were seeing. The only other time that's happened to me was in college. My friend, Jake, stayed with me all the time therefore he had a key to my place. I was in my bedroom and I guess I just didn't hear him come in the house. He knew I didn't hear him and thought it would be funny to scare me. He rounded the corner and yelled "RAWR!!!!" at me and not only did I scream the biggest girly scream ever it made me fall backwards onto the floor.
My nutritional intake for the day has been one for the books. I went to the drive through at Panera for breakfast and had an asiago cheese bagel + cream cheese and orange juice. I had a handful of chips for lunch and 2 (yes 2) Schwans man breaded chicken breasts for dinner no sides necessary. I'm just now realizing I didn't have a Diet Coke today and that makes me feel proud regardless of the other junk I consumed today.
I need to devote my attention to DWTS now.