Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up

I'm back home recovering from my Thanksgiving weekend. There's no doubt I gained a solid 4 pounds over the last 3 days. I'm like some kind of food hoarder during the holidays.
I had a great week! It was very laid back. Thursday consisted of a late lunch, lounging while watching Christmas movies, then tasty wine at my uncles house for dinner. It's the first time in I can't remember that I didn't take a nap or go to the movies on Thanksgiving.
The next day I did a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping, watched the Razorback football game (ugh) and helped my Mom decorate her house for Christmas. I always talk about how amazing her house is during Christmas and this tree is just a tiny example.
Since we won't get to see Landon for Christmas we had an early Christmas with him. I was super excited about the presents I got him because I thought I'd be introducing him to something new--Nerf Guns. Wrong. Apparently he has 8 at home. I also thought he'd be way excited about the Harry Potter wand I got him but it turns out Madison, Ivy and Grace will enjoy playing with it more as they already have and Landon didn't even notice. My presents felt like a major fail. I should have gone with Legos. Those are always a win but that's what I always get him so I was trying to be different. Oh well.
One toy that was a win was Hot Potato from my parents! I've gotta say it's a pretty fun game for everyone to play. You know how kids always want you to play with them but you never want to because it's boring never seem to have time? Well, Hot Potato is a great game for the whole family to take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy! It's just a little potato that you throw from one person to the next and whoever has it when the music stops is out. I don't know where Mom got it but I'm assuming Target. Fun game! Good Christmas present!
Overall my holiday was wonderful! Scott and I got back home around 7:00 tonight. We left Ivy and Madison at my parents house because we're going to be back in Little Rock on Monday and leaving them there seemed much easier. We're flying out of LR early Tuesday morning. The next few days will be spent running errands and getting ready for Vegas. I'm getting excited!!

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