Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Viva Las Vegas (Day One)

We arrived in Vegas around 1:00 yesterday and I couldn't wait to get the party started! Once we checked in to the hotel we hit the strip. Our first stop was one of my Vegas must visits--Rhumbar in the Mirage. They have all kinds of frozen yummyness and I went with my classic, Strawberry Pineapple.
After 2 sips of my frozen friend and an immediate strong buzz, we strolled on over to the Forum Shops to admire the fabulous fashion Vegas has to offer. I also popped into the Apple store to figure out what's wrong with my phone. It says I have zero usage available even though I'm using hardly any space. After a meeting with the Apple Genius, I discovered I do, indeed, have a phone problem. All I have to do is restore it but that stresses me out. My contacts will be saved but my photos will disappear. The photos on my phone are my treasure. Even if they're saved on my computer I don't like the idea of them disappearing from my phone. So I have that little tid bit to think about for the next week. I know, serious problems.
Once we finished shopping I went to the Ceasars fountain and made a wish. It's not working so far as I'm negative $100 thanks to Top Dollar and Blackjack.
After strolling around the Vegas strip for a bit, we were all pretty worn out from the traveling so we retreated to our rooms and took a nap before dinner. We decided on Tao and as usual, it was delish!
After dinner my mother-in-law, Jodie, wanted to take a gondola ride through the Venecian so we partook in that little excursion. As many times as I've been to Vegas I've never done that and have secretly always wanted to. It's cool and all but you definitely are not missing out on anything if you never do it.
After our ride we strolled into the Palazzo (one of my favorite gambling spots) to play Blackjack. At first I was just going to watch Scott but that's like sitting a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries in front of me and telling me to admire only. Obviously I had to get into the game. I started out with $15 and ended up with $150 at one point. I lost it all, duh. I always do. But I was pretty impressed with myself for a little bit. I told Scott that when I get up by $100 to take it away from me. He always tries to and I never let him but I mean it this time. Someone needs to stop me. I have no control.
We're having a great time so far! How can you not in Vegas?

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  1. It sounds like you are having fun! I love the dress you are wearing in the last pic. My tan is gone and I feel like a pale mess--yuck. Even fake tanner doesn't do it for me. I'm getting a new phone next week and freaking about not having my pics either. I guess at least saving them to a computer or hard drive saves them, even if they aren't on your phone.