Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today marks the end of the fun date stuff. Too bad. I've quite enjoyed it.

I got my office chairs today!! It felt like Christmas. I was so excited for them to get here and they work great in the house so they're officially keepers. I ran all over Northwest Arkansas today determined to 100% complete the room. I failed. Majorly. Sometimes living in a small town makes it really hard to decorate. I came home and got online and found some cool artwork so hopefully the room will be finished by Christmas. I'm just so ready. I've been in my new house since April 30 and I'm very Type A and having so many things about the house so far from completion gives me anxiety. I'll reveal the finished product when it's all done but for now here's a sneak peek.
Ivy and Madison are so funny when we get something new in the house. They get so excited about it. They've already claimed these chairs as their own. They think they're pretty comfy and love that they allow them viewing access of the great outdoors. I imagine they'll spend a lot of time sitting in these chairs while looking out of the window.
I got my hair cut yesterday. It was way needed. While I was in Vegas I got so annoyed because it wouldn't do anything and usually Vegas loves my hair. I cut off a few inches but I guess it doesn't look like it because Scott didn't even notice. I wanted to be brave and copy Giuliana Rancic's new do. I love her new cut (and color)! I chickened out though. While my hairstylist, Jenifer, was cutting my hair she commented on how thin it had gotten. I had noticed the same thing over the last few months but didn't really think too much about it. She said I had so much new growth coming in and asked if I had been in a really stressful situation about 3 months ago. UGH. Stupid job with the worlds most mean and crazy boss. It made my hair fall out!! Whatever. People ask me to tell them stories about that crazy man so they can laugh and I have to think really hard because I've blocked that time frame out of my mind. So miserable.
I mentioned a while back that Scott is consulting for his old company. He's doing it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday right now. They're in their busy time (when are they not?) it's 7:30 and he just sent me a text saying "eat dinner without me." Hello former life, I haven't missed you. It's so nice that I have a husband who comes home sometime between 5:30-6:00 now and who doesn't work on the weekends. Not exaggerating, Scott worked 90 hour weeks while at SL. It was so miserable but oddly enough I got really used to it. I would go out to eat by myself or go to a movie alone all. the. time. I've settled into my husbands new work life quite nicely but when it reverts back to the old ways I think nothing of it. Scott always apologizes and I'm like, ehh!! No biggie babe!
Barbara Walters Most Fascinating is on tonight and I'm really excited. My friend, Jake, wrote on his blog today about who his most fascinating would be. It cracked me up so hard. If you don't read his blog you're missing out. He's so inappropriate. It's what we're all thinking on the inside (mostly) but he says it out loud. I love him for that. Jake is the reason I started blogging. He created one, I copied him then voila! Kara's Stories!!
If you think I'm smart enough to know that it's voila, I'm not. I just googled Waa Laa. I guess I've been saying it wrong all along......

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  1. Thanks for the shout out boo! I didn't know I was inappropriate...that is brand new information.. Have a good day!