Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Wrappings

I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet but I plan on getting it done as soon as I finish blogging. I want to get it finished because well 1.) it's necessary but 2.) I found the cutest wrapping paper this year from Hobby Lobby and I want more presents to wrap and put under my tree so I can admire it!
Hopefully Ivy will leave them alone. She's unwrapped one of my Dad's presents and part of my Mom's. She loves it! I had wrapped some of the girls presents at first but Ivy opened them all so I had to put them up. Other than the presents they've left the Christmas decorations alone. I'm glad. You never know with those two. I was fully prepared to come home to a Christmas tree laying on the ground one day but they haven't shown any interest in it at all.
I took the plunge and restored my phone yesterday. It didn't fix whatever virus it has at all. It still says I have zero space available and I get to wake up every morning to a message on my phone saying something about iCloud, backing up and having no storage. It's super annoying and I'd give anything to just have a new phone with the largest storage space that they make. I can't even update my apps because I don't have enough storage to do it. I also can't take a single photo which (obviously) causes me major stress in my life.
Scott and I have been spending our evenings watching Homeland every single night. We only have one episode left. It's just so good. I'm going to make my parents watch it over Christmas. We're doing Christmas very different this year. My parents are coming to my house! I'm excited because I haven't been able to spend Christmas Eve with my family in years and I love Christmas Eve almost more than Christmas Day. I also found out yesterday that it's supposed to snow next week!! I hope so bad that it does. I've never had a white Christmas and think it would be so fun.
Speaking of fun, I'm meeting up with my favorite ladies tonight for dinner. I love a girls night! I better get off of here and get my Christmas shopping done.

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  1. I think Christmas Eve is the best day of the year. Duh.